Saturday, November 06, 2004

Euroskepticism fades in Polish countryside

Polish farmers have started receiving economic support from the European Union (International Herald Tribune). With time, the Poles, like other Europeans will realize the benefits of living in the EU. Many local politicians overplay the negative aspects of the EU for political benefit: they can blame Brussels for what's wrong in their country, when the problems are often local, and the solutions of Brussels are just painful medicine for them. The EU is not perefect, but nothing is perfect under the sun. It's much preferrable to a return of the days of European division. It is intra-European strife which allowed the Americans and Soviets to rise to global hegemony. The Soviet Empire crumbled and the American Empire is crumbling as its social cohesion is upset by its destructive culture, third world immigration, and the greed of corporate capitalists.

Be skeptical of European policies, but don't be skeptical of Europe. It is the only way that doesn't lead to European dependence on the whims of others.


At November 7, 2004 at 2:42 AM, Blogger jonnybutter said...

the American Empire is crumblingPardon me for being Amerio-centric for another moment, but there are plenty of people here the in the States who see this very clearly. Foundations sometimes silently rot and sometimes crack; our recent election was a crack.


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