Thursday, November 04, 2004

Christopher Hitchens confirms my suspicion

My last post before the election offered the idea that the anticipated closeness of the US election might be an artefact of the media's desire to make a profit. Christopher Hitchens makes the same point in a new interview, saying that 'Well, I hate to sound banal, but to me what it means is a crushing defeat for the racket that is formed by the media and the opinion poll industry, who have for weeks, months, been telling us it's a cliffhanger, purely in order as far as I can see to attract attention to themselves and the enormous tranche of campaign money that goes into their pockets the closer it is.'

I suppose that many people in the media wanted this to be a close election for selfish economic reasons. Still, many wanted to give the American people more credit than they deserved, imagining that this election was a titanic struggle for the restoration of American dignity after the last four years. The stereotype of the American who knows the value of the saying 'if you break it, fix it' misled many into believing that the election would be close.


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